Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It Never Gets Old

This morning when I was feeding the kids breakfast, I looked out the window to see nineteen deer in our backyard not too far from the patio. This is the most we have seen at one time. Have I said how much I LOVE living in the country?

I Just Can't Get Enough of These Little People!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Its That Time of Year

Well, its that time of year again when we try to get a pictre of the whole gang to send out with the Christmas card. Adding another child has only made this more difficult. The only way to describe the event is... torture for all those involved!!!! It is sad when a picture is considered successful if everyone is looking in the same direction and no one is crying. I am hoping it will be easier in years to come. Here are a few of our attempts.

Brooklyn's Christmas Dress

Grandma Lange bought Brooklyn her Christmas dress this year. Brooklyn put it on right away for some pictures. Trying to pose with a cheesy smile

Here she is upset because I wanted her to pose and she wanted to be done getting her picture taken. She just asked me if she could suck her thumb and I said no so she just held her hand there. We are trying to break the habit. She has been doing really well.


Kelly, this is for you. You wanted to see how well Brenden could write his name... well here it is. I think he is doing a great job. I am very proud of him.

Nothing New

Carson is such a good baby. He is so happy and brings me so much joy. The rest of the kids love him so much. Cole said to me yesterday, "Thank you mom for having Carson, I really love him."

Brookie's Big Girl Room

Well, it was finally time to kick Brooklyn out of the crib (turned into a toddler bed) and pass it on to Carson. Here is her new furniture. It is beautiful and she loves it. I have some decorating to do in her room yet.

Better Late Than Never

Only a little over a month late, but here are out Halloween pictures. Technically, these pictures were not taken on Halloween, but this is what everyone wore. You see, I have a VERY good excuse for posting so late. The night of Halloween I took some great pictures... inside, outside, and trick or treating.... it was a beautiful night. Unfortunately, not realizing it for days, the memory card was not in the camera. So, we replayed Halloween... well, the dress up part anyway. I am posting these pictures mostly because Kelly wanted to see Carson in Owen's hotdog costume. He was adorable and got most of the attention when we were out and about.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Visiting Cole

Last week was the Harvest Party in Cole's class. I volunteered to help out and brought Brenden with me. He was so excited to visit Cole's school and Cole was so proud to show Brenden the ropes in class. It was so cute how Cole taught Brenden to stand in line and fold his hands and showed him around the classroom. They are best buds. Cole showing Brenden around the playground.

This is Cole's buddy Trey. They are very silly together. I enjoyed listening to their conversations.

The boys eating lunch.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mini Momma

Brooklyn is no longer my baby girl, but is quickly growing into my sweet little girl. Whenever I do her hair or get her dressed she ALWAYS says, "I be like you Mommy." This melts my heart everytime. She does everything with her baby that I do with Carson. Brooklyn even took her baby to the doctor today for her check up. Dr. Gomez was great at playing along and listened to her baby's heart and looked in her ears. Brooklyn was so happy.
Brooklyn has also taught me the importance of watching my words. Yesterday, while she was suppose to be napping, I heard yelling from her bedroom. I peaked in her room and saw her yelling at her baby. She had her finger pointed at the doll and was telling her baby she had to obey... "right now!!!" And then she said, "Did you hear me? I said right now!" Oh... to hear your own words coming from your 2 year old's lips... lesson learned! Baby (she doesn't have a name, just Baby) playing on the activity mat

Baby in the bouncer (Hey Owen, can Baby use your toy too?)

And Baby in the bumbo seat while we make dinner.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Owen, would you mind?

Dear Owen,
Would you mind if I borrowed your bouncy activity toy? I've actually already tried it out, spit up all over it, and really had a lot of fun in it. Since you are storing it at my house, I figured the least you could do was share it with me. Thanks for being such a great cousin! Oh, and sorry about the spit up thing.
Miss you,

4 Months Old

I just realized that I did not post 3 month old pictures of Carson. Where did the month go? Time is flying by. Here he is, already 4 months old. Carson is a great baby. He is content and happy, sleeps through the night, loves to coo, and brings me so much joy.

Fall Pictures

This pose didn't quite work

My Boys

Taking a stroll in the trails

Okay... So I am a Little Behind

Brenden's birthday was September 21st. I obviously haven't posted in awhile so here are some pictures of his 4th birthday. My mother-in-law makes all the kids their birthday cakes and brings them over the day before the party for them to look at and enjoy until we have to cut into it. The kids just love it and she does an amazing job. Here is Brenden smelling his cake. He did this all day. By they way... to any of you that are reading this and were at the party, sorry I did not share Brenden's sniffing of the cake sooner. I didn't know how many would eat the cake knowing how close my son's face was to it.

Brenden and his new bike